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Peak Impact

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Cheung Fat Industrial Building, 7-9 Hill Street, Shek Tong Tsui


Our vision:
Youth empowerment, community building, scaling social impact, social enterprise capacity building.

Our mission:
To magnify scalable social impact by leveraging the shared resources of our community.
To help the youth of today -- through internships, education, incubation -- to become the problem-solvers of tomorrow.
To enhance access to funding for select early-stage businesses, thereby increasing their long-term financial sustainability (through crowdfunding, direct funding, events).
To foster knowledge exchange and mentorship between experienced professionals and would-be changemakers (through board of advisors, seminars, publications, media, corporate engagement, events, volunteering and training).
To nurture an enterprising culture dedicated to creating and maximizing impact.

Our resources:
Coworking space - Our coworking space, conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from the HKU MTR Station, is available to aspiring social entrepreneurs, offering them a head-start in the city of extremely high rent.
Knowledge sharing - From our network of professionals and corporate clients, aspiring social entrepreneurs can benefit with the knowledge and expertise essential to business operations, from identifying company structure, building business finance model, to formulating business strategy.
Fundraising events - Events are held to fundraise and raise awareness for our social enterprises, as well as to get volunteers for them. These events, in turn, serve as team-building activities for corporate clients who donate financial resources and manpower for a good cause.
Mentorship - Our extensive network of professionals enables us to connect social entrepreneurs with prospective clients, funders, partners, and volunteers. Once the social enterprise can stand steadily on its own feet, we help it to expand regionally, and scale up through several fundraising vehicles.

BUILD - With our in-house expertise, we help you identify your company structure, build your business and finance model, and formulate your business strategy.
GROW - With our experience and network, we help grow your business and social impact, and we connect you with prospective clients, funders, partners and volunteers.
SCALE - We help you scale when your business is ready; expand regionally through our overseas partners, and scale through several fundraising vehicles for your business.


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