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Green-screen Studio

KOHO - Tencent WeStart

Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


1 - 10

(Photos for reference - exact room may differ from one shown)

A brand new creative hub for digital entertainment and creative entrepreneurs is now open in Kwun Tong.

- Convenient location - 10 minutes walk from Kwun Tong MTR Station
- Wi-Fi connection included
- 900sqf; 3.5mH ceiling height
- Ceiling fixtures to hang lights
- Assortment of color photo backgrounds
- 3-sided Chroma key cloth
- Include make up room

  • This office has Wi-Fi / Internet


  • This office has printers available


  • This office has 24 hour access available

    24 小時開放

  • This office has coffee and tea available

    咖啡 / 茶

  • This office has chill / fun areas available


  • This office has air conditioners available


  • This office has mail service available for use


  • This office has lockers available for use


  • This office has a receptionist


  • 24 小時

  • 24 小時

  • 24 小時

  • 24 小時

  • 24 小時

  • 24 小時

  • 24 小時

Focusing on the digital entertainment industry, Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong) is a creative hub providing DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS a gateway to China. This innovative space is co-established by Tencent Open Platform, K11, and VS MEDIA.



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