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MakerHive - Cheung Hing Industrial Building 祥興工業大廈

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Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town

About The Venue

MakerHive is the best coworking space in Hong Kong for industrial designers and hardware companies, with a 3d printing workshop and beautiful flexible workspace combined into one beautiiful space. Hotdesks, large dedicated desks, workbenches and private offices ranging from 4 person to 24 persons. All on one 7000 sq ft floor of an ex-industrial building in the heart of Kennedy Town. MakerHive suits product designers, architects, creative freelancers, hardware start ups, IoT entrepreneurs and small growth companies. Members also have access to photography studios of the Hive Studios.

Opening Hours

  • Mon

    08:30 18:30
  • Tue

    08:30 18:30
  • Wed

    08:30 18:30
  • Thu

    08:30 18:30
  • Fri

    08:30 18:30
  • Sat

  • Sun


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