For the average worker today, a significant number of hours are spent within the workplace. Therefore, it is important that the surroundings in the office are functional, comfortable, and visually appealing for your employees. Many companies are now investing their time and money into improving the office design to support their employees' needs.

Here are the hottest office design trends to watch out for in 2018:

1. Technological Integration


Technology is the main thrust that changes the way people and organizations operate. With an innovatively empowered office setup, your employees can work more efficiently. To integrate technology into your office, you can include screens for presentations, video conferencing capabilities, wireless charging ports, and other comparable accommodations. This will help your employees solve potential problems and increase productivity in the office.

2. Home Comfort

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The home-away-from-home concept is what office designs are all about these days. If you want your employees to feel like they are working from home, infuse homely aspects into the workspace such as a sleeping area, kitchen, lounge, or gaming room. Creating a work environment that combines a good balance of comfort and functionality will make your employees excited to go to work every day!

3. Eco-friendly Design

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Having green plants in the office is proven to make employees more patient, healthier, and more focused at work. This is especially helpful if you’re located in areas where access to nature is not readily available. You can also help improve the environment by install LED lighting to reduce carbon foot print and dual flush toilets to save water.

4. Industrial Element

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Industrial workspace design is becoming more popular due to its urban and edgy aesthetic qualities. Some of the key elements of the industrial design include brick walls, graffiti signage, and exposed ceilings. If your company doesn’t want to go all out on the industrial design, you can implement more conventional elements such as brick-effect wallpaper and pendant lights to add a little more aesthetic interest to the workspace.

5. Private Workstations

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Despite the popularity of open layouts, it is still important to provide privacy for your employees. To build private workstations, you can simply use dividers or booths to create semi-enclosed settings that help reduce distractions in the office. You can even use makeshift green walls instead of regular dividers to add an ecological touch to the workspace.

6. Meeting Pods


Meeting Pods provide enclosed meeting spaces, isolating the occupants from the external office environment. Glass meeting pods are sound absorbing, which gives users speech privacy. If you don’t want to invest in permanent meeting pods, acoustic meeting pods are perfect for your office because they are mobile and can be set up anywhere within the open office.

7. Branded Design

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All companies have a story to tell, and the way you construct your facilities can help you share that story to inspire your employees or the community. The architecture of an office could be representative of the company’s origin or core principles. You can present your company’s image by using elements such as color palettes, pictures, and storyboards in the office.

8. Flexible Spaces

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In today’s fast-growing economy, flexibility is the number one thing many employees look for. More and more companies are integrating flexible work areas in their office. In this kind of office setup, furniture can be rearranged easily. This is very appealing for employees as they don’t have to be confined to traditional workstations. You can have bean bags or mobile couches that allow employees to work on their laptops or have a quick break in the office.

What do you look for in an office?

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