1. Interact!

Thankfully, gone are the days of the old corporate mentality being tied down to a cubicle from 9 to 5. Being focused on one task for too long without a break can destroy creativity. Interacting with your co-workers every hour or two will give your mind the break it needs to refocus itself.

According to Alexander Kjerulf, an international author on workplace environment, “Employees who have positive workplace relationships are happier at work, and we know that people who are happy at work are more productive, more creative and more successful overall.”


Creating a company culture that is more like a family and less like a business will lead to better performance metrics, but it starts with you. By connecting with your co-workers you are creating a benefit for both you and your co-worker.

2. Utilize Technology

Hot Desk is the concept of moving desks on a daily or weekly basis to change surroundings for the employees to ensure there is no complacency in the company. In a co-working office space, this is possible by bringing flexibility to each desk for many employees to use throughout the day.

Utilize the technology that has been given to you by your company. The cloud storage system provides the user with the accessibility to be able to work from anywhere and still have all of their documents at fingertips length on a company/personal computer.


The whole point of a co-working desk is flexibility, so leverage it. With the current workspace layout being paperless, filing cabinets and permanent desks are a piece of the past. This allows you to move freely from desk to desk each day, which will change your environment and leads to an expanded imagination and better results.

3. Be Comfortable

Discomfort is a distraction and comfortability combats complacency. Discomfort in the office can come in many different ways including dress attire, body temperature, desk layout, and your overall surroundings.

The co-working office space is meant to help these distressing environments by creating a customizable space for each individual. The amenities in co-working spaces that do not exist in the traditional workplace setting consist of colorful furniture, relaxed dress attire, and creative decorations that generate employee satisfaction. So take advantage of these amenities given in the collaborative office space.


A major problem seen in workplaces around the globe is disorganization. Clutter and claustrophobia is a common problem in corporate settings due to the crammed office layout. Disorganization can create anxiety and lead to poor quality of overall work.

The shared working space helps with disorganization by constructing an open environment which leads to tidiness in the office and tidiness creates a higher performance. Make it feel like you are at home while you are at work and watch the positive results unfold.

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